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Before the discussion of a specific location of funeral homes, it’s very important to completely understand the services, they provide to its customer or clients. Funeral home service is a kind of business where you have to provide your services according to the instructions or wishes of your valuable customer to fully satisfy your consumers as well as their families.

There are different options and locations where you have to provide your service according to the situation and the budget of your consumers and their families. Similarly, if we talk about funeral home billings in Montana so many services provide the best services for the citizens of Montana, but some top servicers committed you before to use their service. They guarantee you to provide great quality services according to your wish. Their services are highly reputed and trusted in society.

In the same way, these top services in Montana also enable you to send flowers and you can place your order from wherever you want. The procedure is very simple to send flowers because you only have to purchase the flowers online no need to enter any details, just choose or select the flowers, add your message and pay online. Your order is directly sent to the local florist.

There are some funeral home names, their services with their contact details are discussed in detail.

  1. Cremation & Funeral Gallery

A named funeral home serving the community of Montana since 1962. The compassionate staff of the funeral home honors your loved one concerning great standards. The dedicated staff serving the families makes the Cremation and funeral gallery the best. Cremation & Funeral Gallery holds one of the few indoor Columbariums in the state. The services by the funeral home contributing the families’ are-

    • Works as complete family assistance for you at the time of need.
    • They provide all the traditional funeral services like a visitation, viewing, memorial, tribute, or graveside service. All these services completely depend upon the consumers whether they choose funeral services or cremation for their loved ones, in the same way, funeral services enable a client to choose a church or any religious institution.
    • The funeral home is working to provide cremation with Confidence guarantee in Yellowstone County.
    • Providing some special service from many years like immediate burial, pre-arrangement of the funeral, writing your obituary.

Address and contact details:

Cremation & Funeral Gallery is located at 29 8th Street West, Billings, MT 59101

Phone: (406)-254-2414

Cremation & Funeral Gallery


  1. Smith Downtown Funeral Chapel

Proudly serving the community of Montana with their educated, experienced, and caring funeral directors since 1986. Their working transparency and fair budget makes them unique with their services:-

    • Provides the well planned funeral service.
    • Offers all the personalized funeral services.
    • Memorial, cremations, and graveside funerals.
    • Veteran’s honor
    • Assist the individual for pre-plans.

Address and contact details:

Smith Downtown Funeral Chapel is situated at 925 S 27th St, Billings, MT 59101, United States.

Phone: (406)-245-6427

Smith Downtown Funeral Chapel

  1. Dahl Funeral Chapel

A funeral home providing high-quality services by compassionate and caring staff since 1939. This is working for the community in lightening the burden at the time of difficulty through their great services:-

    • They value tradition. So keeping in mind all the traditional aspects they arrange the funeral services.
    • Provide the veteran’s honoring with dignity.
    • They help in choosing the peaceful resting place like ground burial, cremations, or Mausoleums for your loved one’s remains.
    • They also provide the service of headstones and monuments for the healing journey of the family.

Address and contact details:

Dahl Funeral Chapel has located 10 Yellowstone Ave, Billings, MT 59101, United States

Phone: (406)-248-8807

Dahl Funeral Chapel

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