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A memorial service offers the family to say to tribute the deceased. It also helps in the healing processes to come out of this time of need. The most important thing about funeral service is to get the family and friends together to honor the loved one. The following are the funeral homes Fort Wayne allowing the contribution of family in the ceremony of deceased.

  1. Carmichael funeral service
  2. Fairhaven Funeral Home and Cremation Services
  3. Ellis funeral home
  4. Midwest Funeral Home Cremation society



Learn about the services to share the last tribute to the deceased.

  1. Social security benefits for the family of the deceased worked long enough under social security. A one-time payment of $225 is paid to the spouse of the deceased.
  2. The Veteran’s facility for military funeral honor is provided. Government headstone and U.S. flag to drape the casket is provided at no cost.
  3. All the traditional and non-traditional service of funerals like a chapel, graveside, and memorial service is provided.
  4. All the legal paper works are handled by the funeral home self.
  5. Cremation service for a funeral with cremation.
  6. Cost-effective personalized packages for pre-planning the funeral.
  7. Shipping service for flowers, memorials, etc. is provided by the Carmichael funeral service.

Resolve the queries at- (260)-422-5359 or (260)-422-6179

Carmichael funeral service



This Voted as the best funeral home. Provide a respectful commemorate to the life of a loved one.

  1. Funeral directors are on stand-by on immediate need.
  2. Fairhaven commits to helping with a plan fitting tribute-
  3. Funeral ceremony at Fairhaven chapel at $4295
  4. Graveside funeral ceremony at $4145
  5. Veterans package to honor the veteran’s life.
  6. Burial service at a 5% discount on the casket of choice.
  7. All necessary paper works in gaining military death benefits are included.
  8. The Burial flag, headstone, a presidential memorial certificate is also provided.
  9. Give the online service to order flowers for the loved one. Prearrangement planning

They w’d be happy to answer your questions- (260)-424-5001 or (260) 424-5000

Fairhaven Funeral Home And Cremation Services



Funeral Homes Fort Wayne assists your needs with their compassionate and licensed staff. Serving the community over the years and providing the best services for your concern.

  1. All the traditional funeral services along with at-need services, cremations, direct burial, burial clothing are provided by the funeral home.
  2. Different packages for pre-planning the funeral.
  3. ship-in and ship-out services
  4. Caskets and outer burial containers are provided at reasonable prices.

To know service package in detail-(260)-422-6958

Ellis Funeral Home



They always assist the families at the time of need with their best staff and services. Experienced staff to help the families in creating a meaningful ceremony to lasting tribute to the loved one.

Midwest Funeral Home Cremation society provides their best services with different packages-

  1. Basic package including casket, 2hr visitation, preparation, service at church, etc.
  2. A direct cremation with body transport, storage, cremation, storage container.
  3. Funeral with cosmetics, death notice, embalming, viewing, and crematory burial.
  4. Traditional church services along with professional services, chapel service, 2 death certificates, etc.
  5. Pet cremation service is also provided as they are also a part of the family.

For service-(260)-496-9600

Midwest Funeral Home Cremation Society


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