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The Funeral is a lasting tribute to honor the dearest. It is done to memorialize someone who has died. Usually, it is done in the funeral’s homes, chapels or graveside.

Before pre-planning the funerals many points like a funeral home, their staff, services, and cost of services, etc. should be kept in mind. Selecting a perfect funeral home is difficult but not impossible.

FUNERAL HOMES HENDERSON NC helps to find the best funeral home for the last tribute. Below are some funerals home which provide their best services in Henderson NC-

  1. M. White Funeral Home
  2. Davis-Royster Funeral Service, Inc.
  3. Crews-Sons Mortuary Transport Inc.
  4. Baskerville Funeral Home, LLC.


M. White Funeral Home

Serving the community with compassionate services since 1967. A home full of services like:-

  1. Care by compassionate and professional staff is the first service by J. M. White Funeral Home.
  2. Funeral home occupies a large area to accommodate multiple families at a time.
  3. All the traditional funeral services.
  4. Church crematories for the burial of the deceased.
  5. Merchandise service for caskets, vaults, urns and burial garments, etc.
  6. Memorial service for the remembrance of a loved one is also available.

You can reach out to us at- (252) 438-5139   

M. White Funeral Home


Davis-Royster Funeral Service, Inc.

A place is full of peace, warmth, and comfort. It’s too hard for planning a funeral just after losing a dearest. They have a supportive environment to provide only the best facilities to the families. There are different services of Davis-Royster Funeral Service-

  1. Immediate burial, a funeral with visitation, memorial, graveside, or chapel services.
  2. Green burial service for nature lovers.
  3. Various payment options to reduce the family burden.
  4. Filing all the necessary legal paperwork.
  5. Helpful in Pre-planning the funeral ceremony.
  6. The Facility of life tribute videos, keepsake candles, and personalized stationery to honor.

For immediate service interact with us 24*7- (252) 492-6911 or (252) 492-6998

Davis-Royster Funeral Service


Crews-Sons Mortuary Transport Inc.

A mortuary transport company with deluxe services. Specialized in the fast transportation of deceased to the funeral home. Serving in the funeral industry from the last 20 years. They fully meet the customer’s expectations by serving the best facilities. Few services are written here-

  1. An air pick up facility is provided for casket delivery.
  2. Helps in filing all the legal paper works related to the deceased.
  3. Residential and coroner’s removal.
  4. State to state transfer.
  5. Helps in dealing with licensed crematory operations.

Feel free to contact- (252) 425-2924 or (252)-492-6998

Crews-Sons Mortuary Transport Inc


Baskerville Funeral Home, LLC.

Plan a tribute to life ahead with FUNERAL HOMES HENDERSON NC. As they are providing a licensed funeral service till 2003. Provides all the responsive services including:-

  1. Cremation, graveside, and memorial service.
  2. Multicultural funeral, embalming, transportation of deceased, and helps in resolving all administrative problems.
  3. Best merchandise.
  4. Best services in the budget to undertake a pre-planned funeral.

Address for help in that time- (252)-430-6824 or (252)-430-6480

Baskerville Funeral Home

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