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Every person wants a good send off from his family and friends after his death which is inevitable. But now one can pre-plan his/ her funeral ceremony as he/she wants. Dubuque Iowa has numerous funeral homes for the deposition of the deceased person.

Here are the funeral homes Dubuque Iowa

  • Leonard funeral home and ceremony
  • Hoffmann Schneider & Kitchen Funeral Home & Cremation Service
  • Eaglehof, Siegert and Casper Westview Funeral home and crematory
  • Behr’s Funeral Home

Leonard funeral home and ceremony

One of the helpful funeral homes in Dubuque Iowa to guide you through the loss of a loved one. A dream of Patrick A. Leonard came true in October 1999 to serve in the tri-state area. It is the only funeral home in Dubuque with a crematory.

Leonard is a multi-facilitated funeral home-

  • It is completely handicapped accessible.
  • Facilitated with a large ample parking lot.
  • Single floored with an open entry gate, large rooms for a large gathering in one place.
  • Have a Licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer in staff.
  • It provides a pre-planned funeral with the advice of the Certified Preplanning Funeral Consultant. As preplanning helps to fulfill your wishes and it is also helpful for loved ones. And your family will be burden free of decisions. Preplanning helps in do as you wish. And the funeral cost can be prayed in advance or later by the family to save them from the financial burden.

Funeral services by Leonard funeral home

  • Traditional Funeral Service with one day visitation at the funeral home and next day committal at the crematory.
  • Also, same day visitation followed by committal at crematory is also provided.
  • An immediate burial service is also provided by funeral homes and arrangements are made to directly bury the dead person.
  • Caskets, vaults, and memorial packages are also provided.
  • Service for Military Funeral Honors is also provided by Leonard Funeral Home.

Browse their funeral home services at – leonard funeral home

Or call at 563-556-6788

Hoffmann Schneider & Kitchen Funeral Home & Cremation Service

Serving as an important part of the community for helping families honor their loved ones for many years. Depending on the personal preferences this funeral home provides several services like:

  • Immediate burial in which the deceased is buried without gathering.
  • Graveside and chapel services at the crematory.
  • Memorial services to honor the loved one at the funeral home.
  • Have multiple online payment options for a funeral arrangements.
  • Prepare the death certificate.
  • Casket service for visitation.
  • Schedule the date, time and location of the funeral ceremony.
  • Veteran service is also provided.

For any concern do not hesitate to contact-(563) 582-5222

Or you may visit on their website also: hskfhcares funeral home

Eaglehof, Siegert and Casper Westview Funeral home and crematory

Set the standard in funeral service at the funeral homes in Dubuque Iowa. Since 1980, they are serving the funeral services as a family tradition. They are professional, pride, trustable and compassion able.

  • It provides an ideal setting for gatherings.
  • Traditional cremation with one day visitation with next day funeral.
  • Direct cremation and burial with no visitation.
  • Also provides the facility for Body donation.
  • Casket service and Memorial gatherings without caskets are available.

Call them to know more about service: 563-556-0776

You can check out their service details by visiting here:

Behr’s Funeral Home

Serving as the best funeral home service with cremation and memorial service since 1936. Feel the difference with Behr’s funeral facilities:

  • Traditional funeral services like a visitation, funeral home chapel, and place of worship, etc.
  • Embalming practice is also provided by professionals at the funeral home.
  • Place of worship
  • Delivers memorable gifts, beautiful symbols of love to send a touching tribute to honor a loved one
  • Handling of paperwork involved in the deceased person

Browse their funeral home services at: –

Or call at 563-582-3297

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