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There are common types of services in London provided by many funeral homes. Here are some funeral homes London KY

  • London Funeral Home

These funeral homes provide all traditional funeral services like a visitation, funeral home chapel, and place of worship, etc. In the case of time elapse between death and internment embalming practice is also provided by the funeral home. This practice involves washing the body with a germicidal soap, put up the embalming fluid to preserve the body tissues.

Some charges are applied to performing all these rituals and the cost may depend on the services provided by funeral homes.


The ultimate provider of creating healing experiences in the community. The House-Rawlings Funeral Home has been a tradition among Laurel County families for many years. Since 1914 D. B. is a supplier of caskets. Firstly it was named Dan house but after shifting this company got famous among families of London as an alternative to have funerals at homes and being known as Funeral houses.

This funeral home provides all traditional funeral services like-

  • The funeral home provides a chapel are prepared for burial or cremation.
  • Place of worship
  • A graveside committal service.
  • Visitation for visitors who may pay their respects.
  • Filing the necessary legal paperwork
  • All funeral rites are undertaken by a Licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer
  • Arranges community events.

For getting the services of professional staff contact HOUSE-RAWLINGS FUNERAL HOME at (606) 864-2158

London Funeral Home

Their goal is to provide their client families with memorable remembrance experiences. Celebrations of their loved one’s life, and the time they shared. They acknowledge the uniqueness of the deceased. They designed the funeral as a loving act.

Besides the common funeral services provided by all funeral homes some other services to honor life by London funeral home are-

  • Preplan the funeral to make the end of life in a rational atmosphere. And pre-plan provides peace of mind to your loved ones.
  • Provides a pre-plan checklist for your satisfaction of checking off each task.
  • They also provide the services if online form to preplan your funeral with your complete satisfaction.
  • Delivers the sympathy baskets all over London.
  • Delivers memorable gifts, beautiful symbols of love to send a touching tribute to honor a loved one.
  • They also deliver memorable jewelry and Books to always keep a loved one close at heart.

To meet the service of funeral specialists of London Funeral Home Contact at (606) 864- 0080


Since 1965, Bowling Funeral Home has provided funeral services to many families who have lost a loved one.  It has been an honor. They treat everyone as if they were their own family.  Their motive is to serve families with respect’ integrity, in providing quality funeral service at the lowest cost as possible.

Key services provided by BOWLING funeral homes are-

    • Visitation
    • Funeral home chapel
    • Place of worship
    • Moving a body between mortuaries
    • Preparing the body for shipment in a coffin
    • Embalming
    • It sets large areas for people to gather for visitation.
    • Space to display the body in a casket
    • Preparation of obituary notices
    • Provide transportation for the deceased
    • Decorate and prepare the site
    • Provide flowers between sites
    • Preparation and shipment of bodies for out-state burial.
    • Handling of paperwork involved to the deceased person.
    • Application for transfer of any pension or policy on the behalf of survivors.

In the time of need, bowling funeral home understands you and helps in making decisions. To get support for making immediate arrangements contact Bowling Funeral Home at (606) 864-2151

To Wrap It Up

If you are looking for the best place to lay your loved one to rest or you just need the best place to plan the best funeral service in London, Kentucky. Then this article is the best read for you as it highlights the funeral homes London KY. You just need to choose the best fit for you. You can see the directory of other funeral homes here.

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