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A saying goes, “Death is not the opposite of life but a part of it” by Haruki Murakami. After death, it is necessary for the burial or the Cremation of an individual. A proper arrangement for the fair well is required and it is provided by the Funeral homes Manhattan KS. The basic functions of the funeral homes are

    1. They service 24/7.
    2. Transfer the expired person from the place of death to the funeral home.
    3. Perform professional care of the expired person, which may include many services.
    4. They help in the completion of the paperwork.
    5. They provide an obituary, which includes the service, biographical, and survivor information. They also send it to the newspaper as requested by the family. On the choice of the family; they provide musicians, singers, or any special group.
    6. They help in providing framed photos, flowers, thank-you cards, prayer cards, as asked by the family.

The modernization also has an impact on the funeral industry. Personalization has its root in the funeral service consumers. They plan that reflects the hobbies, passions, and interests of someone who has died. So the funeral becomes meaningful. Another is the Green funeral, which is today’s American eco-consciousness. It includes a small gathering in a natural setting, use of only recycled paper products, organic food, usage of biodegradable clothing.

If it comes to marketing Word-of-mouth marketing is the oldest and powerful form of advertising. To be successful, organizing and thinking about funeral homes plays a vital role.

The death care industry in the U.S alone is worth around $15 billion. In the US, a funeral may cost around $ 7000 and may go up if it includes adding flowers, burial liners or vaults, Special transportation, Obituary notices, Acknowledgment cards, and many more. When a person passes away, the distressed family members and friends face up with much decision about the funeral. It is hard for them to take into account the cost of the funeral. So planning will save our loved ones’ stress and uncertainty as they face both grief and the planning of any service.

Below are some funeral homes in Manhatten, KS.

Yorgensen-Meloan-Londeen Funeral Home

They are the oldest locally owned businesses and began at the turn of the 20th This heritage is handed down to employees of the firm through generations. This funeral home provides the below services:

    • Pre-planning
    • Monuments
    • Support services
    • Cremation

In times of need, call Yorgensen-Meloan-Londeen Funeral Home any time, any day at (785)-539-7481

Carlson’s Irvin-Parkview Funeral Home & Cremation

They provide a relevant ceremony to celebrate the life being honored. The staff provides quality care & service in times of need. This funeral home provides the below services:

    • Funeral
    • Memorial
    • Personalization
    • Aftercare
    • Pre-Planning
    • Cremation

They understand the passion for the loved ones. They are available 24/7 and if people have any questions, they can call at (785)-537-2110

       Carlson’s Irvin-Parkview Funeral Home & Cremation

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